Kulma 4000

Product introduction

Size:                            44.0*19.5*81.0mm    

Liquid:                         10ml

Puffs:                           Up to 4000

Coil Resistance:           Mesh 1.2Ω

Battery Capacity:         550mAh

Charge:                        DC 5V/0.4A USB-C


Kulma 4000 disposable vape is designed to be portable and simple to carry. Additionally, because it’s so easy to use, we’d recommend it to vapers of all experience levels. Simply swap out the old device for a new one when it runs out; you won’t need to change any tricky coils or refill with e-liquid.

A smoother throat hit and faster absorption are produced by the 10mg salt nicotine e-liquid inside, which also helps to satisfy cravings more quickly. For when you want to switch things up, you’ll also discover that there is a wide variety of various fruit and menthol flavours available.

If you would like one of the simplest to use disposable vape devices on the market, then the Changhan is the perfect choice for you.

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