Duravel 500

Product introduction

Size:                           45.0* 16.5* 68.0mm

Liquid:                         2.4ml

Puffs:                          Up to 500

Coil Resistance:          Mesh 1.2 Ω

Battery Capacity:        500 mAh

Charge:                       DC 5V/0.4A USB-C



Duravel 500 is a compact durable devise. It holds 2.4ml pre-filled e-liquid and locks in a 500mAh built-in battery. Such a powerful combo allows it to give you more than 500 puffs. Small and slim as it is, Duravel enables you to get deep into flavorful and dense clouds. Vaping this one is always on the point.

If you would like one of the simplest to use disposable vape devices on the market, then the Changhan is the perfect choice for you.

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