Largo 5000

Product introduction

Size:                               29.0*29.0*110.5mm     

Liquid:                             9ml

Puffs:                              Up to 5000

Coil Resistance:              Mesh 1.2Ω

Battery Capacity:            1500mAh

Charge:                           DC 5V/0.4A USB-C


Largo 5000 disposable vape delivers exquisite taste and features a simple mouthpiece that doesn’t feel super awkward in your mouth. The Largo disposable vapes provide approximately 5000 puffs per device. 

The devices are draw activated so they’re pretty straight forward to use. Simple remove the packaging and off you go. Inside is a 1500mAh battery and 9ml of many different flavours that are available.

This device contains 9mg of E-liquid. 

If you would like one of the simplest to use disposable vape devices on the market, then the Changhan is the perfect choice for you.


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