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All our products have been strictly tested, and the company has a perfect product quality system.

1 - Medical-grade dust-free workshop,

2 - smoking mechanical performance testing,

3 - physical mechanical performance testing ceter,

4 - smoking electrical performance testing center,

5 - smoking chemical performance testing center,

6 - smoking explosion-proof performance testing center,

7 - smoking transportation and storage performance testing center,

8 - food contact material testing center and other 7 categories, more than 40 kinds of testing equipments.

Size:  32mm*109.8mm Battery: 600mah(rechargeable)E-juice: 7mlResistance: mesh coil 1.6ΩPuff:3000puffs..
Ex Tax:$397.00
Brand: Fort Cane
Size:  H117.12*W25.7*T13.59mmBattery :  450mah charger TYPE-CE-juice: 6.0mlResistance: mesh coil 1.6ohmPuff: 3000puffs..
Ex Tax:$209.00
Premium Vape OEM/ODM Supplier
Size:φ19.5*106mmBattery:950mahE-juice:6.5mlResistance:cotton coil 1.8 ohmPuff:2200puffs..
Ex Tax:$2.88
Size:H120*W20 Battery:950mahE-juice:2Tank*3.0mlResistance:cotton coil 1.6ΩPuff:2500puffs..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Size:H94*W15*T7mm Battery:280mahE-juice:1.35mlResistance:cotton coil 1.6ohmPuff:500puffs..
Ex Tax:$100.00
MXM disposables extra..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Size:H114.8*W19.97mm Battery:900mahE-juice:7mlResistance:cotton coil 1.6ohmPuff:2000puffs..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Size: H112.5*W20*T20mmBattery: 650mah charger Micro-USBE-juice: 7ml(refillable)Resistance: mesh coil 1.0ΩPuff:Approximately 5000 Puffs..
Ex Tax:$1,000.00

- We develop more than 5 new vape device every month to serve our customers according to market demand. Currently there are 25 people in R&D team.

- Own prototype production team to provide fast proofing service.

- Science the company’s development 8 years,a total of more than 150 products have been designed,and it has provided hot selling product designs for well-known foreign brands,such as POP,PUFF,Mr FOG,Mr VAPE,ect.

- Currently there are 8 PIE engineers,making SOP in strict accordance of mass procduction standards.

-Our company already has the CNAS electronic cigarette product testing laboratory configuration, and in the relevant qualification application, we can directly provide customers with true and reliable mass production reports and test results.

- Manufacturing Center -

Equipped with over 20,000㎡ modern manufacuring center, 1500 skilled workers,15,000,000 monthly vaporizer capacity and strict quality control system, Changhan is able to provide professional one-stop-design service and deliver the best solution.
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