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Dongguan Changhan TechnologyCo., Ltd. is headquartered in Dongguan,China  specializing in the R&D, production, sales and service of disposable vape device, pre-filled pods and vape accessories. It has advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing strength, extensive product portfolio and diversified customer base.

We always adhere to customer-centered, quality-based, and international vision to provide electronic cigarette OEM and ODM services to global customers.

The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has 1,500 employees.

It has 60 modern production lines and a comprehensive production capacity of 15 million disposable electronic cigarettes per month.

Our company gathers a group of high-quality and experienced research, development and operation management personnel, and is committed to making internal management data transparent, material control strict, production management standard, first-class electronic cigarette production and processing platform with punctual order delivery!

Our strong research and development capability plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining our global leading market position. In order to keep pace with the development of the industry, we have hired a professional product design and R&D team, and established a research center focusing on improving product safety and atomizing taste experience.

We not only pay attention to the frontier of scientific research, but also pay attention to the practical application of products. Our R & D platform consists of three teams: R & D technology center, R & D laboratory and sample testing center. Each department focuses on different levels of R & D field.

At the same time, our company pays more attention to quality control. In order to meet the market demand, our company is equipped with medical-grade dust-free workshops, fully air-conditioned clean workshops, advanced production equipment and precision instruments and equipment, A scientific and rigorous quality control system (ISO9001:2015), an environmental management system (ISO14001) and a medical device industry quality management system (ISO13485) have been established. As well as many international certifications and technical patents such as GMP certification issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, successfully passed various international tests such as ROHS and CE, laying a solid foundation for the development of enterprises. In August 2020, our company also participated in PMTA certification and UL certification in the United States.

In order to meet the requirements of product quality control, our company is equipped with electronic cigarette testing team and testing production equipment:

1. Mechanical performance testing of cigarette sets

2. Physical performance testing of cigarette sets

3. Electrical performance testing of cigarette sets

4, smoke chemical performance testing

5, smoke explosion-proof performance testing

6. Detection of the transportation and storage performance of cigarette sets

7. Detection of food contact materials

More than 40 kinds of high-end detection equipment in 7 categories Complete testing instruments and precision instruments are equipped, and the production process of products is scientifically set. Changhan science and technology fully complies with ISO9001 quality management system standards, and strict inspection and quality control are carried out in every link from research and development to production.

Changhan has continuously launched a variety of series, advanced technology and excellent quality electronic cigarette products, which have won unanimous praise and recognition from customers. It has successively cooperated with many brands around the world, retailers and agents.The company has been providing R & D, production and technical services for POP, PUFF, Mr VAPE and other international first-tier brands, in the sustainable development of electronic cigarette industry, Changhan technology will focus on cutting-edge technologies and customers' pertinent suggestions, constantly innovate and strive to surpass, and stride forward to realize the brand dream.

We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory to Know more about Changhan technology and electronic cigarette industry. In the future, we look forward to working with you on the development path of electronic cigarette industry and establishing friendly cooperative relations, advance together on the road of development!

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