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Changhan is a global supplier of vape device solutions. Currently, the company has four major manufacturing bases in operation, and the new manufacturing bases are under construction, all of which are located in Dongguan City, Now it has a modern manufacturing center of more than 20,000 square meters and a production and manufacturing team of more than 1500 people. The monthly production of atomizing equipment is up to 15 million pieces

Sticking on the core concepts of scientific management and lean production, Changhan takes the lead with top industry standard production facilities and complete set of 8 s management pattern, the GMP standard production environment, ISO9001 quality management system for the efficient production and strict quality control to provide the most powerful, stable and reliable one-stop service for hundreds of customers in the world.

Changhan is:

       "Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Enterprise"

       "Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Credit Enterprise"

       "Enterprise Integrity Evaluation AAA Supplier"

       "Quality and trustworthy AAA-level enterprise"

       "Contract-honoring and trustworthy AAA-level enterprise"

       "A AAA-level enterprise that values service and keeps promises"

       "Quality Service Credit AAA Level Enterprise"

       "Demonstration unit of integrity management"

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